Colors For Summer 2005

The Tencel brand of lyocel is in the same family as rayon. The differences are in the processing methods. Both are made from wood pulp and are considered a "Green" resource. Like cotton, linen and other naturally occurring cellulose fibers, Tencel and rayon love to be washed in warm soapy water. They get softer the more you wash them. Standing the test of time, many of our favorite pieces have been washed more than 100 times and are still getting softer with each wash. Tencel is perfect for the busy wash-and-wear lifestyle.

Easy to care for, this 64% Tencel, 36% rayon blend Tencel Twill is our first choice for basic skirts, pants and blouses. We prefer this blend of Tencel and rayon for most of our clothing. We think it is the perfect combination for the best drape and shape. Also, a little rayon in the fiber blend gives the colors more depth. We offer a wide range of fabrics and fiber combinations, and this is our favorite medium weight for everyday wear.

Tencel Twill
Betsy Blouse Tina Bee Vicky Shirt
Betsy Bias Blouse $64
3/4 sleeve
Lisa Blouse
3/4 sleeve
S-XXL $62
Vicky $76
Daphne Tunic Sally Blouse Tony Shirt Victoria Blouse
Daphne Tunic $78
Sally Blouse - 3/4 sleeve $74
Tony Mens Shirt
Victoria Blouse or Jacket $78
  Laura Tank Heidi Tank Artist Jacket
  Laura Tank
Heidi Tank
Artist Jacket $92
  Kelly Jacket Dot Duster Ruffle Jacket
  Kelly Jacket $89
longer, cuffs
Dot Duster
pockets on side seam
S-XL $89
Ruffle Jacket $95
can be worn as a dress S-XL
  Mandy Skirt Betty Skirt Gauchos

Nora Skirt $75
Bias Cut center back seam S-XL
Dandy Skirt
XS-XL $69
Betty Skirt $62
21" kick pleat
Gaucho Pant $76
no pockets
elastic back XS-XL
Janie Pants Trish Pant
Dory Pant $74
tapered ankle,
full thighs for "pear figures" XS-XXXL
Janie Crop Pant
Hilda Pant $74
relaxed fit, slightly tapered leg, side seam pockets XS-XXL
Zelda Pant $75
Slightly tapered legs, crop length 27"
Trish Pant
relaxed and comfortable, side seam pockets
26" $76
30" $78
    Two Button Pant and Capri Pant Pallazzo Pant  
    Two Button Pant $79
elastic back
no pockets S-XL
Pallazzo Pant $73
straight leg, no pockets